Divine Mind World View:

Divine mind manifesto for living life here now:  

Divine Mind, the Divine “I AM” inside each of us is fully aware of the power of now, and longs to be fully present.  It is and always has been free to choose.  Choices we make in life have brought us to our present divine moment.  Circumstances may have been beyond our control, but we are always free to choose.

Choices you are about to make will change the course of your life and your world.  Simple choices, complicated choices, all choices rule out some futures and boost the possibility of others.  What you do with the eternal stream of the present moment determines what you create with your Divine Mind.

Do What You Want To Do

The Soul wants to manifest love, according to many mindfulness or other teachings.  But these other teachings seem to stop before discussing the power of choice in the present moment, at all times.  We create what we choose.  There can be no other way.  We can create bitterness, resentments, an unforgiving spirit, or we can create love, joy, peace and power.  Our “Being” creates, in a process of continual “wash, rinse, and repeat” cycles until…. Until what?  What are you waiting for?

This moment, right now, is the only reality.    

Your Brain is a living electrochemical mass of communicating neurons.  It processes sensory stimuli or imprints thereof whether real, imagined, or remembered. Your brain tells you when to eat, makes conscious observations and decisions about what is happening around you, and is capable of complex reflex behavior as well as improvisation. Your brain is important in the big scheme of things, to staying alive.  Perhaps to procreate the species, or perhaps to do more?

What if your brain was not “who you are”?

What if YOU are MORE?  More than your brain?  More then a living electrochemical mass of communication neurons.  Love, Compassion, Celebration, Gratitude, Joy, and Peace are among words that get thrown around a lot but often relegated to lip service as we rush forward for the next dopamine high? So what is the who that is who you are? This and similar questions are asked by Charles Brite, author of “” and “Life Here Now Divine Mind Blog” (Bigmark Digital, 2018)

What if we bring open mind to new era to understanding soul, heart, spirit, love, joy, peace, and power? 

Generally, there is always a school of thought and somebody somewhere ready to define the words we throw around so much here (love, joy, peace, power).  Some want to defend one definition at the expense of love of person and at the expense of tolerance of any other view.  That’s OK, in their world.  They can say / create anything they want to create.  But it’s NOT OK here.  Naysayers will be invited to learn a new language of love and tolerance if they want to participate in the community of Divine Minds.

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Brite, C, 2018, “Life Here Now” published by BIGMARK Digital, 2018