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June 18, 2018


Catch the vision and live life here now, in Divine Mind, creating love, joy, peace and power.

Write With Us:

Guest Writers share their journey here on our meditations blog as a contributor. Topics must be related to Living Here, Now, in the present moment instead of the past or the future…

Tell us what that means from your perspective: hopefully with a consistent point of view as though writing professionally to build a brand…. Yours!

If interested, use contact page to let us know, and advise what email address you want to use on the site, and what username…

More Ways To Share, Support & Shop In The Works!

Several Ways To Be A Part of the Life Here Now Movement Are Being Created Now.

Here Is How The word can be spread:

– Share With Friends:

Share our pages and posts on social media, or send email to friends.

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Your donation can free and empower others.  Every donation helps us help others learn what you learn here.

– Shopping Here Helps Us Do The Work:

Clothing and Gear Store Coming Soon To Help Promote Conversation about Living Life Here Now.  Buying and wearing our gear, giving our gear as gifts, helps carry the start a global conversation, carrying the message to all.