Dreams Don’t Have Time Stamps or Expiration Dates!

Ride The Breezes Of Life: Transformation & Perspective

Mindfulness Letting Go

Letting Go of Predefined Concepts About Eternal Life Brings An INSTANT Spiritual Transformation. “In The Twinkling Of An Eye”  We Suddenly Become Aware Of What We Were Created To Be.  It Is a Process As Remarkable As When A Caterpillar Becomes A Butterfly! (Brite, 2019)

MORE to Mindfulness Than a Leaf On A Stream

mindfulness more than a leaf on a stream

“Imagine that you are a leaf on a stream.”  This is a common exercise in many spiritual traditions and in mindfulness meditation to symbolize ‘going with the flow’ instead of fighting what is.  Or it can symbolize ‘becoming one with nature’. But it seems to me that a leaf on a stream is basically dead or dying.  Who wants that?  Why not BE the STREAM, moving with Purpose, and Life… ?  Your own nature is a part of a larger nature and cannot be divided from it.

“We Can Control Our Response When
Living A Response-Able Life…” Charles Brite


Control Response Able

We may not be in Complete Control but we can be Response Able

“Self Talk Is A Living Prayer…” Charles Brite

Mindfulness, Divinity, Prayer

To Be Mindful Is To Know That You Are A Living Prayer

Create In Love And The World Will Amaze You!

Love is the Answer

Control Is An Illusion:  Relax, Breathe, Let Go, Live!

Mindfulness, Present MomentMindfulness, Present Moment


The Way To Peace Is Not Seeking But Surrendering

Ego, Spirit, LifeEgo, Spirit, Life, Marianne Williamson


Madness or Mysticism?

mindfulness more than a leaf on a stream
“The psychotic drowns in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight” 

Joseph Campbell, as quoted in “Psychology of the Future: Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research” by Stanislav Grof

Pleasure or Joy?

Eckhart Tolle Meme
Meme On Pleasure & Joy


Divine Mind Is Becoming A New Day, New Way

Divine Mind Dawning
Life Here Now Dawning, Love Creating Divine Light, Darkness In Retreat …Charles Brite
Photo Credit Charles Brite


Divine Mind KNOWS A Time Called NOW!

“The only moment where choice creates is this one.” Charles Brite.

Mindfulness, Life, Love, Joy, Peace, Being Alive
Mindfulness, Life, Love, Joy, Peace, Being Alive



Do We Need to Fight To Break The Chain?

Or Will The Chain Just Break When We Claim Our Power To Create

chain breaking
Do we break the chain, or does the chain just break?


“Divine Mind Creates Love, Joy, Peace, and Power…”  Charles Brite

Love Light Choice Faith

Love Light Choice FaithToday Is The Day…

“Today is The Day… Bloom Where You Are… This is Your Moment”   Charles Brite

mindfulness, spirituality, philosophy
Mindfulness | Spirituality | Philosophy


“Choice is Power That Creates. Now.” …Charles Brite



“For Peace To Surround You, It Must Start Within You.” …Charles Brite



Time And Space Are Merely Illusions

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