My Inspirations Have Been Many From History Including Jesus To Buddha, and St John of the Cross, as well as more modern thinkers and teachers like Ram Dass, Mother Theresa, Pope John Paul II, Helen Schucman, William Thetford, Mariane Williamson, Gandhi,  Nelson Mandela, and Bill Wilson, right up to the present moment with Mike Dooley,  who gives us the saying “Thoughts Become Things”* and Eckhart Tolle who encourages us to “Awaken To a Life of Purpose and Presence”.

My Book Series is a direct expression of the ideas that Thoughts Become Things, That Anybody Can Have a Life of Purpose and Presence.

“The only things that matter are Love, Joy, Peace, and Power, The Only Place is Here, and The Only Time Is Now.”
…Charles Brite

All that being said, I am happy to share the following and recommend the works of Mike Dooley who gives us the following:


Image Source:  Dooley, M.  ND.  Retrieved Online June 19, 208 from
©Mike Dooley,

Most of the people cited as inspiration will be familiar, but not all know Ram Dass.  Dass was a modern philosopher and LSD explorer in the ‘1960’s, who has left this earth not too long ago, leaving only his spirit and words.  He was a contemporary and even partner with Timothy Leary.  Maybe they both got lost after playing too much in the realm of mind expanding drugs, or maybe that is what it took in that day and age to escape the lies the hold us prisoners in time?

Today we have an entire mindfulness movement that reminds us, without the help of LSD, to be fully here, now.  In that spirit, “Life Here Now” is a book series in the making about mindful living in the  modern era.

*”Thoughts Become Things” ©Mike Dooley,