I arrive with a book in hand, or at least in mind…  “Life Here Now” (Brite, 2018) Divine Mind Meditations.  A website, blog, and digital community are being created.

I arrive at this moment along a path or “way” that has been an adventure in formation and training for creation in the here and now which will make a difference for others when fully manifested.

This moment was created and is creating.  Arrival is how I got here.  Potential is where this moment might go.   Love, Joy, Peace and Power inform the Choice that creates.  Now.
…Charles Brite

“I am the way that brought me here, the bridge upon which I stand, and the creation that is becoming…  right now!”  Charles Brite


I was abused as a child.  I lived the life of a victim for many years. I discovered my power to live in the now and create quite by accident.  It happened somewhere along the way that included a lot of therapy and self study in spiritual, psychological, and recovery work, marriage to a Catholic Girl, becoming a father, living through a nasty divorce, becoming heavily involved in Church life in the Christian World, Working in the Men’s Movement, falling into alcoholism to escape the pain that came from wrestling existential questions to their empty end, and finding help in 12 step programs.

Today I am married to my wife of 25 years, who is an angel.  I have 5 adult children, an adopted dog or two, a cat, a tank full of discus fish, and an African Grey Parrot who has been with me almost as long as my wife.

When at my best, I am living in a world of love, joy, peace, and power, creating a world of ideas expressed in words and deeds that I hope will help others do the same.

In the interest of Full Disclosure:  Charles Brite is a Pen Name.  Under my real name, I have accomplished a Masters Degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Toledo.  I have been writing ever since I leaned to type.  That typing class I took in high school may have been the most valuable class I ever took.

A “Philosophy Goes To The Movies” class taken in college was a real eye opener.   But mostly, my education has been in the College of Hard Knocks and a life that could be best described as a Course in Miracles (salute to Helen Schucman, Marianne Williamson, Jesus Christ and others).

Those who know the real me will wonder how I think I am all that.  To answer, I can only say that I AM all that in my best moments.  And I choose to have more and more best moments in my life.  Feel Free To Check Again for bio updates.


Signature, Charles Brite