Why do we need more books?  Hasn’t the Internet and Social Media replaced them all in the information and digital age?  Well, maybe. Or maybe not.  Or maybe partly.

If the goal is fast light news gathering, or being entertained, then you can probably find all the news or entertainment you want online. But life doesn’t really happen in soundbytes and some things require a more thorough and concerted exploration.

Life doesn’t happen in soundbytes.

Even if we have learned to take our nightly news in soundbytes, we all know there is always more to the story that didn’t make the editor’s cut applied in the interest of time.

In the news business they say, “If it bleeds it leads, and if it cries it flies.”  Sad isn’t it?  Bad news sells more newspapers and television commercials than good news.  Short fast paced story telling that triggers immediate emotional reactions can get people in the mood to buy something so they feel better.  That’s how the news business pays for itself… by selling things… or at least selling commercials that sell things.  Get it?

Can’t we keep it simple?

“Keep it simple” is a mantra generally used by somebody selling something. Keeping it simple means not thinking too much. After all, overthinking never got anybody anywhere, right?  You want something, you buy it.  Right?  But how do you know what to want?  Do you know what you want or do other people tell you what you want ?

Ever buy anything that sounded simple only to find out it was more complicated than the sales pitch suggested?  Would you buy it again if you knew then what you know now?  Keeping it simple isn’t always the best

Life is more complicated than Sesame Street.

Several generations have now been raised with a short attention span imposed by the famous children’s television show. But all soon learn that some things are worth spending more time learning.  And some things are worth more focus and concentration than a Sesame Street segment.   What about things like reality, truth, personal power, and successful living?  If the Internet and Social Media could provide all the information we need to live successfully and gloriously as the powerful beings I think we are, then why isn’t everybody already successful and glorious?