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“Life Here Now”… What’s That Mean? 

Our “Life Here Now” is a new book in the making that asks and answers some important questions about mindfulness, spirituality, philosophy and life.

In a world that seems to move faster and faster every year, where space and time seem like some of the few constants, why is it so hard to be “Here, Now”?  According to modern philosopher Charles Brite, “Reality, Space, Place and Time are concepts of limited usefulness.”  He goes on to offer the question, “Why Not Break Free For A Change?”

What if you were a powerful, divine being, with amazing powers, able to create whatever world you wanted to create?   What if this moment is a moment where nothing matters but the absolute perfection and beauty of what surrounds you? What if this moment is a moment when you can be fully aware of what you are creating right NOW?  What if this moment was full of opportunity to create in Love, Joy, Peace, and Power… and know that at the end of the day, “It is good…”? What if this moment of time you are living right now is a moment without beginning or end? What if we lived in an endless stream of moments just like this?  What if this was the beginning and end of the meaning of what Buddhist’s mean by “Nirvana” or Christians call “eternal life”?  This moment is the moment I celebrate in my new book, “Life Here Now”.

Teachers have come in many sizes and shapes, from Egyptian writers working before authors of the Hebrew Scriptures included in the Christian Bible to the modern day.  Many including Alan Watts in his book “This Is It”, and Ram Dass in his  book “Be Here Now”, (Dass, 1971) have challenged us as human beings to stop fretting about the past or worrying about the future, and just be fully present. But pure Existentialism leaves one stuck without recognizing and acting on potential.

The creative way of life is taught or recommended by all great teachers, philosophers, psychologists, and even spiritual programs.  Mike Dooley and Eckhart Tolle are shining a light on this path in the modern era.  But – and this is important – lighting the way, and helping people create wonderful lives along their way are two different things.

I can help you along your way.  This is my calling in this moment.  This is my creative potential.  I am taking action now.  What’s your creative potential?  What action do you need to take?  Let’s figure that out together and then create something great, starting here, now!

About The Author

I am author, speaker, and modern philosopher Charles Brite.

I am the benefactor of many experiences, teachings, fellowships, programs for living, therapies, and other modalities promoted as useful for personal growth and development. They each had their place in bringing me to my own here and now. But others arrive by their own path.  The paths travelled in the past don’t matter

“I used to call myself a Christian, But I don’t any longer.”  (Charles Brite)

What the word “Christian” has come to mean in the popular culture, religious, and political world have little to attract me.  In fact, it can be a BIG turnoff.  I prefer stereotype labels such as seeker, pilgrim, co-creator, saint, joint heir to the godhead, Bhudda, wise one, angel, celestial being, earth angel or most any other moniker.  But why mince words.

The bottom line is

I am a spiritual being having an earthly experience that doesn’t fit ANY labels.

My one desire is to be united in the eternal now with the one, the all, from which we all spring – living in love with joy and peace – and helping others do the same.  If enough people do this, the world would certainly be a better place!

We don’t compete with religion, or seek to replace it.  What we teach fits with any other belief system, value system, or program of personal development and human potential.  It fits with any scientific theory, motivation program, coaching program, religious teaching, therapy, or personal development course.  And it’s always FREE!